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Learner Express

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Learner Express: Modules for Teaching and Learning  is a growing collection of short video modules in science (K-8), math (K-4), and language arts (5-12) aligned with Common Core Standards. Videos can be searched, browsed, and filtered by content type and area, standards, and grade level. The videos link to related videos, classroom activities, and professional development resources.

 For example:

Modeling: Domino Math  (3:58) (K-4) A teacher uses dominos to help students explore properties of addition. The video links to two more videos on mathematical modeling, one on story-based centers and the other on 3-D and 2-D tools, real dominoes and paper dominoes. No activities are included with this video.

A Student Tries to Explain Why There Are Seashells on Top of Mount Everest and the Formation of the Himalayan Mountains (5:59) (K-6) A student demonstrates a common misconception by suggesting that sea levels were higher in the past to explain how seashells are found on Mt Everest. Scientist Britt Argow describes how plate tectonic activity 40 million years ago explains the fossil presence. Videos on fossils and plate tectonics are attached as well as activities and other related resources.

Ishmael Reed  (10:52) (9-12) talks about his background, influences, and work. He answers student questions about poetic form, tricksters, African references and reads his poem, "Railroad Bill, A Conjure Man." Activities include two lessons in cultural studies and teaching strategies. In the first lesson, students compare trickster figures in two of Reed’s poems.


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