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Growing a Nation

found in: social studies; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Growing a Nation: The Story of American Agriculture  is a curriculum package with four lessons and supporting materials for grades 5-12 that examine agriculture in America's history from 1600 to the present. The lessons are aligned with U.S. History Standards. The Instructional Unit & Program Narratives  ( PDF, 14.4 MB, 216 pgs.) includes five appendices with lesson narratives, teaching and learning strategies and embedded resources, primary source analysis activity sheets, vocabulary, and assessment techniques.

 Lesson 2, for example, covers the years 1930-1949, from the Great Depression and Dust Bowl to the Post World War II boom. Two activities have students work independently or in small groups to analyze primary sources and create projects about the Dust Bowl.

Additional resources include:

Multimedia  offers the program to view online or downloaded and burned to CDs. A separate download provides artwork for the burned CDs. The Historical Timeline can be viewed by date or 11 categories such as farm machinery & technology, crops & livestock, and economics cycles. The Tractor Timeline  illustrates farm innovation from the first steel, walking plow in 1834 to GPS in the 1990s and smart devices in the 21st century. Primary Sources offer audio (15-30 minutes), video (2-11 minutes), images and more.



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