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Elementary Visual Arts (EVA) Lesson Plans

found in: arts; preK-2; 3-5

Elementary Visual Arts (EVA) Lesson Plans  feature lessons and supplemental materials for K-5 art students that are aligned with Utah’s Elementary Visual Arts Core Curriculum. The monthly archives (September 2014-Present) can be searched by title or description or browsed.

Principles of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture ( PDF, 2.1 MB, 13 pp) Students use different drawing tools to create lines, shapes, patterns and color and explore how different effects can be created. They examine representative works of Joan Miro.

Leonardo da Vinci:  Sketches and Inventions  ( PDF, 1.9 MB, 4 pgs.) Students take apart clocks, calculators, live flowers, and fruit in order to sketch the details. They then sketch an invention of their own. The lesson includes links to additional references.

Graphic Design: Introduction to Typography  ( PDF, 219 KB, 5 pgs.) Students review elements and principles of graphic design and consider what makes a design distinctive. They then transform a single Roman letter and its negative spaces into an image of a word.

Colorful Words and Telling Images: Visual Storytelling  ( PDF, 240 KB, 5 pgs.) Students examine picture books to discover how illustration and text relate to and strengthen one another. They then listen to a story and illustrate part of it.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Stained Glass Windows – Light Screens Elements of Art  ( PDF, 1.4 MB, 9 pgs.) Students use elements of art to create light screen designs in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Lesson includes examples of Wright’s screens as well as sample projects.

Art and the Environment: Laurel True Mosaics ( PDF, 2 MB, 4 pgs.) Students examine works of New Orleans’ artist Laurel True who uses recycled building materials to create mosaics and then use recycled materials to make their own mosaics.


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