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K-12 Educational Activities (University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies)

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

K-12 Educational Activities  provides lessons, games, and curricula in transportation-related topics. Careers in Civil Engineering  is an animated video describes different fields in civil engineering.

Wooden Bridge Building (7-12) is in three parts: the lesson plan, step-by-step checklist for students, and detailed instructions in bridge building for teachers. Wooden Bridge Building Lesson Plan  ( PDF 1.4 MB, 4 pgs.) includes drawings and photos as well as written instructions.

Younger students (4-12) can try Spaghetti Bridge Building. Curriculum  and PowerPoint slides are provided.

Beavers: Natural Civil Engineers  (  PDF 1.6 MB, 4 pgs.) Students examine how beavers build dams and then design and build a dam using civil engineering and architectural principles.

K-12 Games and Curricula offers two online games of driver distraction and traffic engineering and their associated curricula. Gridlock Buster Traffic Control Game  is based on tools and ideas used by traffic control engineers and can be played on tablets and mobile devices. When a car is delayed, a “frustration meter” increases. Long lines, or queues, of cars form if cars don’t get enough green light time and increases frustration. The object is to moderate delays and queues. Gridlock Buster has five lessons

Additional K-12 lesson plans cover reaction time, reflectivity and pedestrian safety, bike helmets, and more.


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