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found in: arts; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

KidsThinkDesign  is a resource for K-12 art and design students. The website provides an overview of design in general and closer looks at specific areas: fashion, graphic, interior, book, product, film+theater, architecture, animation, and environmental. No standards are listed. An easy-to-difficult rating is applied to the activities, but teachers will need to consider their students’ abilities. Note: some of the many links to other websites may not produce what is promised, but a search on the destination website often does. And don’t forget the Archives.

All design specialties are presented in the format used for Fashion Design.  fashion Design opens with an introduction to Fashion Week in NYC. The four sections that follow are titled meet a designer, think like a designer, design a project, and learn more. Think Like A Designer lists two design tools,  though one, Stylyt, appears to be no longer operational. The Design A Project, decorating a pair of flip-flops, is one that all but the very young could manage. For another project, visit the Archives to find Design Hand Warmers.

Book Design  focuses on picture and pop-up books. The design a project takes students through the steps to make a pop-up letter. This activity requires an X-acto knife and is more suited for older students. A link to David A. Carter’s “Pop-Up How To” under Learn More provides additional information and examples.



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