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found in: math, science; 6-8

Underwriters Laboratories XPLORLABS offers modules with instruction, interactive videos, and classroom activities aligned with NGSS for middle school STEM students. Elements of the modules can be used individually and in any order. Xtensions provide additional opportunities. At present, there are two modules: Fire Forensics and Portable Electric Power. More modules will added in the future.

Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence  Students learn about fire, fire dynamics, and fire behavior so that they can interpret a fire scene to suggest where it started and its cause. A Teacher Guide  ( PDF, 2.8 MB, 12 pgs.) and Investigators Academy Notebook  (  PDF,1.9 MB, 13 pgs.) are included. An introductory video, Inside the Fire Lab, (2:31) introduces the module speakers and demonstrates how UL creates fires to prevent fires. Five more video sections follow. Videos can be paused and sections replayed. Along the way, there is interactivity. Students click hotspots to review the elements of fire and to watch supporting video. Each part within a section is followed by a short quiz. Incorrect answers provide review information and a chance to retake a quiz. Takeaways and Additional Activities in the upper right-hand corner link to PDFs. After completing their training stages and following an experienced team of fire investigators as they collect clues to establish possible causes of a fire, students are given their own fire to investigate, collect clues, and submit a probable cause report.



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