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George Washington’s Mount Vernon

found in: social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The education section of George Washington’s Mount Vernon offers K-12 lesson plans, virtual tour, video, primary sources, digital encyclopedia, and separate areas for teachers and students.

Lesson Plans can be filtered by grade, theme, type, and “teach with” which matches lessons to supporting resources. The page opens with a series of “20 Questions” worksheets to help students explore primary sources. Creating 18th Century Clothing in the Classroom is an activity guide for helping K-12 students use modern materials to recreate colonial period clothing. The resource package is provided in a Zip file that includes background information on clothing, hats, and shoes; images; student handouts; suggestions; and additional resources. In the lesson, George Washington and Civic Virtue (6-8) Students examine the Washington’s character and civic virtues and their connection to fostering a democratic and free society. Again, the lesson and its resources are in a ZIP file.

Primary Sources can be browsed or searched. Links to further primary sources and maps are given.

For Teachers is a professional development resource.

For Students has facts, coloring pages, games and interactives, Constitution quiz, videos, virtual tour of Mount Vernon, and Aska service, and more.

Virtual Tour  is a detailed examination of Mount Vernon’s interior and objects. Highlighted images, print, and video are included.

Digital Encyclopedia  is dedicated to Washington’s world and the colonial and founding eras. The encyclopedia can be searched and filtered or browsed in the index or under 18 subject headings from agriculture to servants & laborers. Read about Washington’s experiments with the Hippopotamus, a dredge for raising mud from a river bottom to fertilize fields.


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