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Activity Library: Moorea Coral Reef Education

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Activity Library: Moorea Coral Reef Education is a source of K-12 life science lesson plans and crafts ideas aligned with California Science Education Standards that explore ocean ecosystems.

What Do Scientists Do?  (Grade 1) A PowerPoint presentation introduces students to different fields of science and illustrates how scientists ask and answer questions. Afterward, they meet four ecologists who talk about their investigations. A culminating activity has students use magazine images and their own drawings to create collages of scientists at work. The module includes the lesson plan, audio interviews (15:12), and PowerPoint.

Connected Ecosystems  (Grade 4) Groups of three students play and record the results of 10-15 rounds of a simulation in which one student is a starfish and the other two food, shelter, space, or oxygen. Afterward, they analyze the results to look for patterns. An extension activity introduces limiting factors. Provides the Connected Ecosystem worksheet.

Focus on Farmerfish  (Grade 7) Students examine organisms in habitats; consider symbiosis, producers and consumers, photosynthesis, and respiration; and hypothesize about the influence of different factors on their physical and behavioral adaptations. The module includes lesson plan, PowerPoint, Game rules and game board.

High School Marine Science Curriculum  After participating in a discussion of coral reef formation, students (9-12) describe the geologic origins of the island of Moorea and describe three types of reef.


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