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Rocky Shore Curriculum

found in: science; 3-5

Rocky Shore Curriculum - Seacoast Science Center is a grade 3-5 science unit aligned to NGSS and Ocean Literacy Principles. Its cross-curricular and inquiry-based lessons explore the rocky shore ecosystem and the need for marine conservation. A Unit Schedule ( PDF, 140 KB, 1 pg.), Rocky Shores Zone  ( PDF, 130 KB, 8 pgs.) and Species ( PDF, 613 KB, 3 pgs.) guides, and 24 lessons can be downloaded individually as PDFs.

A Table Of Contents  ( PDF, 735 KB, 4 pgs.) introduces and outlines the curriculum and lists the features of each lesson including focus questions, materials and preparation lists, standards, teacher tips, print and website resources, and more.

Lesson 1: Toss The Blue Planet  ( PDF, 222 KB, 4 pgs.) Students toss an inflatable globe back and forth and collect data following the instructions on a land and water chart. After analyzing the data, they estimate how much ocean covers Earth’s surface.

Lesson 12: The Middle Intertidal Zone ( PDF, 227 KB, 6 pgs.) Students record information about the middle intertidal zone and create a middle intertidal zone for their bulletin board diagram or individual rocky shore zone diagram.



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