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SF Environment Teaching Materials and Resources

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

SF Environment: Teaching Materials and Resources offers K-12 lessons and fact and activity sheets in environmental education. All lessons and resources are aligned with California standards and are in PDF format. Lessons are available in English, Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish.

Lesson Plans K-5  provides 16 lesson plans that cover composting, solar energy, healthy food, and more. For example, Water from the Well  ( PDF, 367 KB, 6 pgs.) in which students (4-5) learn how water consumption has increased in the last 150 years with our use of modern conveniences. This lesson requires a reading of Student Fact Sheet, Water – The River of Life. ( PDF, 237 KB, 2 pgs.)

Lesson Plans 6-12  provides 11 lessons. Mag Tag ( PDF, 470 KB, 8 pgs.) in which students (5-7) simulate biological magnification or how toxic chemicals concentrate at the top of the food chain in a game of tag. The lesson requires Student Fact Sheet: Biological Magnification ( PDF, 165 KB, 2pgs.)

Packing Your Product  ( PDF, 349 KB, 10 pgs.) in which students (7-12) examine product packaging and design alternatives that minimize waste. Support materials are attached to the lesson.

Student Fact Sheets  has 26 fact sheets and 24 pages of comprehension questions.

Student Activity Sheets  has 7 activities with 3 more coming soon.



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