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North American Bear Center

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

North American Bear Center Lesson Plans for K-12 uses essential questions rather than measurable objectives, though the lessons are aligned with Minnesota State Language Arts, Math, and Science Standards. This approach is outlined under the Curriculum Map. Note: Use links from the homepage for the best results.

Black Bear Alphabet Tree ( PDF, 160 KB, 2 pgs.) Students (PreK-5) are introduced to terms used in the study of American black bears. The vocabulary can be used to support letter and word recognition skills. Under Resources is a printable, illustrated version of The ABCs of Black Bears.  as well as otherresources. ( PDF, 6.1 MB, 29 pgs.) A higher resolution version is also available.

A Fat Bear Is A Healthy Bear!  ( PDF, 1.1 MB, 15 pp) Students (K-2) learn that bears store fat to survive while hibernating in winter when their natural food is not available. They investigate how bears use their sense of smell to locate food. Activities and role-plays let students experience the insulating properties of fat (Crisco), increased heart rates during exercise, feeding patterns, and the sense of smell.

Bear Poetry Students (1-6) use scientific facts about bears in one or more written poems. Poetic forms acrostics, limericks, haiku, diamante, cinquains, free verse, and rhyming poems.

Hibernation Metabolism In American Black Bears  ( PDF, 12.8 MB, 38 pgs.) In this presentation, students (10-12) learn about the physiological and ecological factors, the five annual cycles, in black bear hibernation.


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