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Oregon Coast STEM Hub

found in: math; science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Oregon Coast STEM Hub provides lesson plans and resources for other online STEM sources.

If-Then Backyard Coding Game for Kids: In this offline and outdoor activity, students (K-2) follow conditional statements of a student who acts as programmer. The lesson describes four difficulty levels.

In Make a Movie Poster students (K-12) learn coding as they make a web page that includes a review of a book or movie. The lesson suggests extentions.

Lichen Exploration (  PDF, 3.8 MB, 15 pgs.) allows students (K-12) discover that lichens have three categories: crusty, leafy, and shrubby are two organisms (fungi and algae) living in a symbiotic relationship. The lesson is aligned with NGSS and includes teaching notes, field cards, and illustrations

Marine Debris offers three grade level modules. In MD-Grades 4-5, for example, students explore marine debris. Four sections of 3-5 lesson plans cover composition and abundance, sources and transport, impacts, and solutions.

Resisting Scientific Misinformation In this one-week unit, students (6-12) examine claims that seem to be based on science. Download the Teacher Guide  ( PDF, 1.4 MB, 29 pgs.) that includes four lessons paired with short (3-6 minute) videos. For example, Lesson One: Misleading Advertising Supposedly Based on Science helps students recognize misleading arguments to reduce their influence.


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