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Lesson Plans and Webinars (National Wildlife Federation)

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The National Wildlife Federation’s Lesson Plans and Webinars offers more than 1000 cross-curricular lesson plans in life science, ecology, wildlife biology, scientific identification, and observation for K-12 students, and related reports and live and archived webinars. All lessons are aligned with National Science Education Standards but standards are not listed. Note: For best results, teachers should use either Firefox or Chrome when downloading or opening reports.

What’s Your Habitat?  ( PDF, 206 KB, 2 pgs.) Students (K-4) examine the four survival needs of humans and wildlife by considering their own homes and neighborhoods. Suggests modifications for older (5-8) students, extensions, and assessment. They draw pictures to illustrate where their survival needs are met and share them.

Fill the Bill ( PDF, 178 KB, 3 pgs) Students (3-8) simulate bird feeding adaptations (five beak types) by using a variety of tools with different foods. Lists required materials and suggests modifications for younger (K-2) students, extensions, and assessment.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Fact  ( PDF, 371 KB, 8 pgs.) Students (9-12) compare fantasy and science fiction, discuss how both incorporate scientific fact, and write sci-fi or fantasy stories with an insect theme. Includes The short story “Voyage to Hexatron” by Judy Braus; “Shrinking Simon and the Very Small Mistake, a story to complete; and suggests ELA extensions.

Archived webinars feature three on bats, bat basics, cave environments, and bat education in the classroom and in the field.


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