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National Hispanic Heritage Month, Grades 6-8

September 15 – October 15

Found In: language arts, social studies, 6-8

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month with the following lessons, activities, videos, and more.

Lesson Plans

Journal of Time: A Historical Perspective (Esperanza Rising)
Students in grades 5-8 use photographs as inspiration to write journal entries from the point of view of someone living during the Great Depression in California.

Hispanic Heritage Month Begins Today
Students in grades 5-12 work in groups to research and present projects on Hispanic culture through PowerPoint, a webpage, a display, or an interactive tool such as the flip book or stapleless book.

Dia de los Muertos: A Community Celebration  (  PDF, 137 KB, 3 pgs.) Working in small groups, students in grades 6-8 create an advertising or marketing campaign promoting a Dia de los Muertos celebration.

Mexican Culture and History through Its National Holidays
Students in grades 6-8 investigate Mexico's religious and political history through its major holidays.

Additional Lesson Plans

Smithsonian Education - Hispanic Heritage Teaching Resources
Lessons for grades K-12.

Latino Americans Lesson Plans
28 lesson plans for grades 6-12.

EDSITEment - National Hispanic Heritage Month
Four lessons for grades 6-12, plus recommended websites and background information.


 Bring Hispanic Heritage Month to Life: A Collection of Resources (K-8)
Interactive timelines, scavenger hunts, and other learning fun all about Hispanic Americans.

24 Great Ideas for Hispanic Heritage (K-12)
From Aztec math to Carnival masks, these ideas are easy to put together and offer students the chance to celebrate their own heritage while appreciating the uniqueness of others.

Fact Monster - Hispanic Heritage Month Activities
Crosswords, population statistics, and more.

Colorín Colorado - Hispanic Heritage Month
Information, puzzles, biographies for English language learners. In English and Spanish.

Background Resources

Articles Tagged as Latino American History

Library of Congress - Hispanic Heritage Month
Images, exhibits, audio, and video.

Smithsonian Latino Center Includes exhibitions, virtual museum, Virtual Museum Bilingual Teacher Training Took Kit, and more.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
121 articles, musical samples, and videos.





  • History of Mexico
    Find 31 videos and 18 photo galleries.
  • Coco (2017) (1:45) Miguel, a 12-year-old frustrated musician, visits the land of the dead to get the blessing of a famous singer, his great-great-grandfather. This movie could be used as an introduction or culminating activity in an exploration of Dia de los Muertos and other aspects of Latino culture..


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