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Popcorn Activities, Grades 6-8

Turn a Popular Snack into a Tasty Teaching Tool with Lessons, Games, Quizzes and Other Resources

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Corn, or maize, is the only cereal grain indigenous to the Americas. It was first domesticated by Mesoamericans three to four thousand years ago. No one knows who first popped corn, but popcorn poppers have been found in Peru that pre-date Inca culture. Today, the sound of popping corn is as familiar as Fourth of July fireworks.

October is National Popcorn Month. The following lessons, games, quizzes, and other resources will help turn a snack into a teaching tool.

Lesson Plans

Popcorn Science
Students in grades K-12 perform five simple experiments to demonstrate what makes popcorn pop.

The Science of Popcorn
Students in grades 10-12 determine the percent of water by weight for 20 kernels of different brands and the internal pressure needed for each of 20 kernels to pop.

Popcorn Geography
Students in grades 3-8 use corn kernels to create a "Top Corn-Producing States" map or graph.

Popcorn History
Students in grades 3-12 research and create a timeline of the history of popcorn.

Popcorn Economics
Students in grades 4-8 experience scarcity, relate the concept of scarcity to situations in school and their community, and learn that people make choices because of scarcity.

Additional Lesson Plans

Games & Quizzes (K-8)

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Popcorn Activities