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Spelling and Vocabulary, Grades 6-8

Resources for Learning and Practicing Language Arts Skills

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Words and their meanings and spellings are the building blocks of communication. The following lessons, activities, games, and tools will help students and teachers in grades 6-8 develop reading and writing skills critical for all subjects.

Lesson Plans & Activities

Lesson Plans

Crossword Puzzles (Student Interactive)
Students in grades K-12 study content area vocabulary, practice grammar or parts of speech, or demonstrate what they have learned by creating crossword puzzles.

Spelling “Go Fish” Card Game
Students in grades 6-8 use cards with words in groups that follow the same pattern to learn how to spell them and learn what they mean.

Flip-a-Chip (Student Interactive)
Students in grades 6-8 flip two chips to mix and match four word parts and make four words. Students then insert the four words into a paragraph, using context clues to determine where each word belongs.

Additional Lesson Plans

Activities & Games

Make Beliefs Comix! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages
Students in grades 6-12 use their vocabulary to make a three-panel comic.

Background Resources


It’s Greek to Me
Grades 6-8 learn the Greek language’s contribution to the English.

English Vocabulary (grades 6-12)
Define words correctly and help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.


Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity (K-12)
Make games, flash cards, and tests.


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