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The Particle Adventure

Found In: math, science, 6-8, 9-12

The Particle Adventure is an interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, Higgs Bosons, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators, and particle detectors for students in grades 7-12. Students click through each module’s slides and answer questions as they progress. Some sections end with brief quizzes. The site is available in English and fifteen other languages.

The Standard Model has four sections. The first two, What is Fundamental? and What Is the World Made of? present the standard model as it developed and explain quarks and leptons and their associated particles, matter and anti-matter and neutrinos in greater detail. The third examines the four interactions: gravity, electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces. This section ends with a link to PDF charts of the standard model and its components. Absent is the Higgs Boson. The final section explains types of decay, how they happen, and under what circumstances a decay will or will not happen.

Accelerators and Particle Detectors explains how physicists have refined the standard model using particle accelerators and detectors.

Higgs Boson describes the history and discovery of the Higgs, how fundamental particles get mass, the mass of the Higgs, and a world with the Higgs.

Exploring Unsolved Mysteries takes up questions the standard model doesn’t answer: why have we observed so little anti-matter, what is dark matter, are quarks and leptons truly fundamental or are they made of still more fundamental particles?

Particle Adventure includes additional resources like posters, charts, glossary, classroom activities, and more. Teacher pages require a user ID. Teachers should contact the Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) to obtain a user ID.


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